It Takes a Village . . .

An old adage that is often used to describe the unity, support and effort it takes to get something done, specifically to raise a child. The statement rings true for legislation and movements alike. It takes a group of informed, concerned citizens to raise a change!

During Charlotte, NC’s first Student Leadership Training, students from across the state gathered to network and learn skills that would empower them to take on whatever obstacles they’d face when back on their home turfs. With the help of Emmy-nominated Director and Filmographer, Bryan Wright, students also learned the importance of capturing and producing positive media with which to fuel their individual movements.

Each student was given a role in producing this mock Public Service Announcement. Duties ranged from directing to writing the script to adjusting the lighting and holding cue cards. In less than two hours, this group of informed, concerned citizens worked together to raise a change!

"Making the a PSA film was an excellent learning experience," said Meridith Adams, ACE Ambassador for R.L. Patton High School. "Melinda and Bryan really brought it to life, when explaining to us how to do it, while making it, and after firming editing. They showed us how creating a PSA can really open peoples eyes to the matter at hand. I found the entire activity to be a wonderful experience."

*It isn't a REAL PSA, meaning it doesn't use real statistics but a demonstration of what we learned.

Melinda Lilly

Melinda is ACE’s Senior Communications Manager and lives in the Queen City - Charlotte, NC. She’s been supporting NC youth who are engaged in the fight against climate change since 2012! When she’s not at work, Melinda loves to watch anything from the Marvel Comics Universe and cook delicious food from scratch.