Inside look at ACE: An Intern's Perspective (Part 2)

This blog post is written by Maddie Conway, ACE New England's summer intern. It is the second post in a two-part series about her experience as an ACE intern--you can read part one here.

Maddie Maddie

Having neither experienced the inner workings of a non-profit nor called the upstairs of an old Harvard frat my office before, I was definitely in for some novelties when I began my internship at ACE this summer. As I meandered through the streets of Cambridge's Harvard Square on my first day, I struggled to find a supposed “Democracy Center.” I finally stumbled upon a large white building that matched the description I had been given. Soon after Brian, my boss, popped out of the front door to welcome me. I was given a tour of the building that is filled with offices of many amazing non-profits and was reintroduced to Rouwenna, my other boss. Then the work, if you can call all the fun I have work, began.

I quickly saw that being a part of a national organization scattered in regions across the country was complicated. Everyone is always sharing calendars and documents online or holding meetings through google hangouts. Although I have always been super “connected”, I have never used this technology to this degree. I quickly fell in love with crowding around one computer in our office for an all staff meeting signed in as MC Brouwenna – a wonderful combination of the North East region names. I also was pleasantly surprised that I was being treated like any normal staff member with real responsibilities.

At the outset, I outlined my interests and rapidly dove into doing research, writing fun blog posts, and discussing campaigns and strategies. It has been so rewarding to work alongside Brian and Rouwenna and the entire ACE firm.  I am inspired by their dedication to the movement and to helping my generation.  Interning here has crystalized my desire to do more and to go into a field that is deeply connected to the Climate Movement. I am enthused to continue to partner with ACE and am so happy that I get to make my little mark. And of course, I love the trips to fro-yo, the farmers market, or even lunch on the Charles with Brian and Rouwenna.  I hope work will always be this fun and rewarding!