How Can We Sustain Resources?

This is a guest post from Symone Baskerville a student at Kenwood Academy High School.

photo 4Every summer, I have the opportunity to attend an Ecology camp. While there we learn all about ecology as well as sustaining a healthy, “green” earth. Every summer, there’s a new, exciting unit and this summer was no different. We learned mostly about sustainable resources for our earth. This was a very interesting topic to me because I believe it’s on every environmentalist’s mind. I know it’s on mine all the time.

Throughout the summer we got to answer that question through hands-on experiences with different experts. My favorite expert was the beehive expert that we met with who told us how significant bees were to have and sustain a healthy garden and food supply. Although I’ve never been a big fan of bees I learned about how they help the plants to pollinate while also making some great honey!Honey bee

While I don’t think that the question “how will we sustain our need for energy while protecting the earth“ will ever be completely answered, I do believe that it will take many answers as well as many forms of products. It will also take very creative minds.

But until I’ve got, for example, a car that runs on vinegar, we’ll continue to ask that question. I’m excited to be one of the people asking the question – and contributing my creativity to try to answer it.