How Atlanta is Saving the World

This is a guest blog post by Alexander Butler, Valerie Flack, Darya Mack and Jack Boyanton

If you live in Atlanta, you are living in a city that is helping the earth become a better place, one project at a time. These projects support "going green" by encouraging people to use alternative resources that don't harm our environment. As one of the largest cities in the United States, Atlanta is showing that it is still possible to remain clean and sustainable. Here are just four of the projects that it has to offer to improve the well being of the planet:


BusAside from being Atlanta's most used form of public transportation, MARTA has implemented many eco-friendly programs. Their CNG Bus maximizes fuel and passenger load weighing in at only 15 tons! Stations also include energy efficient hand-dryers, brighter, longer-lasting LED lighting and recycling bins that greatly reduce amounts of landfill waste.


- Tree Sound Studios

studioThis recording studio, used by many of today's most popular artists, also maintains a standard of a positive environmental lifestyle. The entire roof is made of 2700-Watt Solar PV Array panels and 100% of the power is offset by renewable energy credits purchased from Green Mountain Energy. The facility also provides LED lighting, dual-flush toilets and Solar Hot H2O heating.


- Ten Thousand Villages

villageA perfect place to purchase unique gifts and accessories is the well-known fair trade shop located in Virginia Highlands, called Ten Thousand Villages. Everything sold at this quaint little shop is made from reused and recycled items, considering they come from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Not only does Ten Thousand Villages sell things made from environmentally friendly resources, but all of the money goes back to the people from other countries that made the items. Working with other countries, and still making a huge environmental impact, Ten Thousand Villages is to the place to go to find a diverse amount of gifts for your friends and 

- Atlanta Falcons Green Team Recycling

falconmsThe Atlanta Falcons promote recycling to young people in the metro-Atlanta area with their Green Team Recycling program. By participating, schools receive a recycling education packet, Atlanta Falcons Green Team Recycling Program Posters, and an educational video including player recorded recycling tips. Four ambassador schools will receive a prize. Three schools get a $500 grant. 1 school will receive a $2,500 grant and a visit from Freddie falcon, cheerleaders, and a falcons football player.

Through these organizations and more, Atlanta is making their mark in the effort to save the environment. The rest is up to us. What will you do to help?