Heading to Copenhagen

Hello all! The brilliant and talented Emily Adler and I will be leading the charge for ACE's Copenhagen adventures. We hop on a 15 hour flight this Friday and will be staying until December 13th.

The main purpose of our trip is to put you in touch with everything that will be going on at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and to give other youth who are there a way to write about what they see. Keep an eye out for postings from us and other youth delegates in the coming weeks. Let us know if you'll be there, too!

Matt Lappé

Matt Lappé is ACE's Executive Director. He was ACE’s fourth employee, brought on in 2008 to develop the science credibility of ACE’s programming. He holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, dog, and two daughters, Evelyn and Jennifer.