Five Ways to Get your Green On This Summer

This is a guest post written by ACE New England's summer intern, Maddie Conway.

Summer is when we all start feeling the heat--so here are 5 simple ways to go green and help cool the planet.

Eat Local! Eat Local!

1. Eat Local:  With summer here, many more regions have fresh local food available! So go peruse the farmers markets and look for local produce in the grocery store. Then you can make a nice strawberry pie with grandma or feed your pet rabbit some of the world’s freshest carrots. Buying goods in the neighborhood not only benefits the local economy, but also cuts down on carbon emissions: less travel from production place to tabletop equals less greenhouse gasses!  Let's call eating like this "Localatarian"...has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

2. Use A Reusable Water Bottle: As the temperatures are heating up, you need to keep those cells hydrated.  Easy!  Grab a reusable bottle and fill it up throughout the day.  No need for all those throwaway bottles this summer -- they take so much energy to make and if you don’t recycle them, they just end up in landfills, which is gross!  So find a pretty bottle and you can even decorate it with stickers to personalize it.  Less emissions and an awesome craft project!  Let’s do it!

3. Bike:  Are you working on your calves, the triceps, to the biceps? Mark Ronson & The Business Intl is, and you can too. Ditch the car, “bypass the gas”, throw on a helmet, and go for a nice ride. There is nothing like the feeling of wind blowing in your face and propelling yourself forward while getting in shape.  Burn off that scrumptious ice cream and emit zero emissions.


4. Thrift Shopping:  Macklemore is still rocking the top 100 and so can you in your second hand fashion finds.  You never know what you will find, but you can rest assured that you are spewing fewer emissions and that is a definite plus. As if looking fly was not enough...

5. Unplug And Hit The Beach: Turn off those iPhones, iPods, laptops, and whatever else is connecting you to the outside

Unplug and hit the beach. Unplug and hit the beach.

world.  Unplug everything!  Grab some friends, hop on your hipster bike, and hit the beach, the local pool, or the park. Make sure to wear those sweet second hand sunglasses so you can look as fly as Macklemore.  Bring some of your local delights, your nice reusable water bottle, games, and maybe even a book... What more do you need?  It's summer!