Environmental Invention!

By Liz Gomez - ACE Intern, Houston

Want to be the coolest kid at school? No need to buy the hippest clothes, or toys. You don’t need to be the varsity athlete or have the best car. You need a SOLAR BACKPACK!

As you walk through the halls, all heads will turn as you sport this tough lightweight backpack that happens to be lined with waterproof solar panels. How awesome are you?!

Living in Houston we need to be ready for all kinds of crazy situations: hurricanes, floods, snow, drought, etc. And to leave yourself fully prepared you need to wear a backpack that, using the sun, will charge all your portable electronics. While never again will you be able to use the, “but mom my battery died, that’s why I didn’t answer your call” at least you will never have to live a day without your precious cell-phone, iPod or laptop fully juiced up and ready to go.

Take a stroll in the sun because 1 hour out in that heat will power 3 hours of iPod playtime or 1.5 hours of cell phone talk time.  Take it out as you head to the pool this summer and charge up your electronics. So, not only is this backpack cool and amazing but is also efficient with your energy usage and time.

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