A Day in the Life of ACE: A Student Visits HQ

This is a guest post by Brian Lin, a senior at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA.

Brian and Sissy outside ACE HQ Brian and Sissy outside ACE HQ

My school, The College Preparatory School in Oakland, put together a shadowing program for all seniors, and my friend Sissy and I chose to visit ACE.  I remember sophomore year when ACE gave a presentation at our school assembly, educating us on climate control and how we could "do one thing" to make a difference.  That was one of the most interesting assemblies I've seen, and when I heard of this shadowing program, I thought why not see the work put in to make that presentation?

So we set out down the street from school to see what it is like to live at ACE headquarters for a day. I entered the day with the purpose of learning the magic that went on behind the scenes of the presentation, to broaden my horizons for future career paths, and to discover how a non-profit organization worked.  To say the least, all of my questions for this visit were answered and goals met.  I had the opportunity to experience what each branch of ACE did, and how each person went about doing their job.  I was especially impressed by the orderly and large-scale communication that consistently occurs with ACE members across the country.  In order for the organization to successfully make an impact to the multiple countries and cities they are located in, constant and clear communication is crucial, and I found the way ACE handled their information exchange incredible.

Brian and Sissy with ACE's Education and Awareness Program Manager Shana Brian and Sissy with ACE's Education and Awareness Program Manager Shana

Not only was this day helpful and insightful for me, but I also met many great and kind people. Carmen, Shana and Stacey showed us that in addition to acing their work, they also ace their friendship and and familial relationships. When they generously treated us out for lunch, we were able to see that these ladies were extremely kind, capable, and fun human beings. Katherine and Ashley graciously explained their jobs and answered our questions (even after we stole a couple of their chairs!).  Overall, this visit was a great experience, and I have discovered from the ACE family in Oakland that working does not have to be boring, you just have to take care of business, make your own fun, and Do One Thing to make a difference!