Crush Global Warming :: Sing Out!

This blog post will give you the tools you need to Crush Global Warming 24/7!  How, you ask?

Well, first - you'll need to star in a music video! (no, really, you can!)

Second - now that the song is pleasantly stuck in your head, know how to sign it by reading the lyrics below:

Crush Global Warming Lyrics

Got a crush on a girl that I met on Facebook. Make me wanna change my status - this is how she looks…

Click on your pic so I can get my best view.
Back-up singer: He pressed your “like” button
Then I friend request you.
We go wall-to-wall and I tell you a secret:
I’ve been Rick-Roll’d before,
Baby tell me you’re different,

Than these wasters out there, global warming Voldemorts,
Tryin’ do my planet, just like they did Dumbledore.

Back-up Singer: Rest in peace, (forever?)

CHORUS: You wanna turn me on, baby,
Turn off the lights

You wanna turn me on, baby
Go and ride a bike

You wanna turn me on, baby
Show me that you care

Stop putting gas up in my atmosphere!

See, there's more to life than your big bad Hummer.
Like this one guy/girl I dated, "pro" Rock Band drummer.
Spent more time at the pump than out livin' the high life
Your gas guzzler sucks,
like my boy from "Twilight"

Back-up singer: Edward Cullen.
Rev up the engine, and you give me whiplash
You blast your AC ‘cause I can smell your gas.
Tell 'em 'bout hybrids,
tells me there ain’t no style in it

Is it good for you, baby?
Wasn't good for the environment.

Backup: Ohhhh!

Another guy/girl I dated now comes to mind,
Told me s/he was green, s/he was color blind.

Blenders, Roombas, plasma TVs
That’s when it hit me like a headline on TMZ

His/her place was lit up, all day s/he left it on
transformed into a waster, like a Decepticon

Back-up singer: Loser in disguise…
Flipped on the tanning lamps,
Said I was over-reacting
S/He was missing the point,
Like I been missing Michael Jackson.

Back-up singer: I’m asking him/her to change his ways.


He can’t stand it,
All these haters of our planet,
Burnin’ fossil fuels,
So he makes this request, no he demands it!

Here’s my invitation,
Baby, you could be my boo.
Sign this declaration,
So I can finally be with you.