Chicago Youth Leader & Comic Artist Headed to PowerShift

ACE's youth leadership network is inherently diverse. Nearly 80% of the students ACE touches with its programs each year attend public schools in cities across the country. In Chicago, ACE will educate more than 18,000 young people this school year with our award-winning presentation on climate change and solutions. Each new leader to join our network brings with them an incredibly unique set of talents and passions.

Some of our students lead with their voices or through photography, and others lead through social media or other channels.

Still others lead through their art.

Miwa LeeMiwa Lee is a student and comic artist that attends Lincoln Park High School in Chicago, IL. Check out her work on the beef with meat or the problem with plastic bags. Miwa elevates the youth voice through her artistry.

ACE is thrilled to award Miwa with a full scholarship to attend PowerShift 2013, the largest youth climate convergence on the planet, taking place in Pittsburgh, PA on October 18th-21st.

In a recent interview, Miwa said, "I'm excited to come to PowerShift because I really want to gain new leadership skills to be able to raise awareness at my school. I want learn more about current environmental issues and how I can help make a difference. It also feels good to be apart of something bigger than yourself."

Leah Qusba

Leah joined ACE in 2009 and is currently serving as Deputy Director. She brings with her more than 12 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as a relationship-builder, communicator and strategic problem solver. She manages ACE’s program, campaign, communications, media, and marketing strategy.