Building a Bamboo Bike

Student members of the ACE Action team at Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx won the Amazing ACE Race competition in the NY/NJ/DC region with 9 star points! They earned points by completing some pretty amazing carbon-reducing projects: a green roof with the help of Sustainable South Bronx, school composting, and last but not least the bamboo bike project depicted in this video.


With the help of the Bamboo Bike Studio in Brooklyn and an ACE Starter Grant, AES students built a bicycle made out of bamboo. Bamboo bikes are made of a sustainable, renewable, and low-cost resource. They are also quite sturdy and light weight, two things bicyclists look for in a good bike. Not only do bamboo bikes produce zero GHG emissions to ride around, they also make bicycle riding more accessible and affordable for many people around the world.

The AES Action Team plans to sell the bamboo bike they built to raise money to purchase a weather station for their green roof project so that they can measure the environmental benefits of having a green roof at their school!