Biobus Day 4: skatepark, solar concert, and the San Diego police

“360?  Okay.”

A young skater who looked about 13 years old dropped into a 15 ft vert ramp from the 2006 X-Games.  Teens and kids on skateboards, bikes, and scooters were shredding all over the 40,000 sq ft Krause Family skatepark in San Diego.

The ACE Biobus arrived on the scene to provide further entertainment.  The Wiley One unpacked instruments and amplifiers for a solar-powered concert on the rooftop of Bluebird.

“I used to do some serious skating in my day and these kids are amazing,” the No. 7 kid said, aka Sam Wiley, lead singer and guitarist for The Wiley one. “I was watching this six year-old girl on a scooter hitting all the ramps, grinding.  Her big brother would lead the way and she was right there behind him all across the park.”


Sun was setting, so we packed up for Mission Beach where we would be volunteering for beach clean-up with Surfrider the next morning. Parking options were slim at Mission Beach.

“You should be fine. I’ve been parked here for weeks.  No problem,” said a man with a camper while we together stared at a sign reading: “Campers – No Parking 2-4 am Daily”.

Sure enough, San Diego police welcomed us with a $40 parking ticket around 3am.  “Cool bus, but you can’t park here.”

Week 1…Parking Ticket #2.