Biobus Day 2: fuel line problems, no sink, CNN, San Diego

Ethan and were late to leave for our interview on CNN because the countertop and sink for the bus – which were supposed to be delivered last night – were still M.I.A. I was not happy and Ethan was trying his best to get the contractor guy on the phone. Finally, at 7:20, the guy called Ethan back – “we’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

Needless to say, they showed up at 7:50, but took another 15 minutes to install the sink. It looks good now, eh?

We prayed to the angels of LA traffic to give us a quick trip to the studio – it was our only chance. I wish I could tell you that this was the only malfunction we had today, but alas, the road has a strange way of greeting us with challenges.  (see below)

We made it to CNN – and just barely. They rushed us off to make up and we were prepped for our interview. I never had worn make up before today, but I definitely understand why people on television wear all the stuff: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror… I looked like I had actually gotten a good night sleep!

The interview was fun and we got to meet some cool people there too, including actress/surfers/activists Tanna Frederick. Check out her DOT and a sneak preview of Ethan being interviewed for CNN.


Then, we were off to San Diego. Or so we thought… check out this video explaining the trials of the day. Ethan is a self-taught diesel mechanic, and a clever, clever man… but after an hour of testing fuel lines and our electrical system for the problem, we tried a little ‘Crazy Uncle’ wisdom… just hit the darn thing. And you know what? It WORKED! We were back in business.


We made it to San Diego to present some of that amazing ACE assembly to students at two summer camps and then a group of them came out to explore the bus.  And we had fun.

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Stay Classy, San Diego.