Biobus Adventure: What Makes The Best Breakfast?

Ethan loves a good breakfast - and so do I. And, after spending a few weeks with Bluebird Captain Planet himself, the habit has grown on me. We usually start our day off with an organic egg sandwich - mine has Sriracha (best hot sauce out there!) - with some greens, maybe some berries, some nuts, and some tea. It's a wonderful boost of energy and nutrition that's kept us going strong since San Diego.

But last Thursday was a little different. Instead of eating our usual breakfast, we grabbed some fried plantains and Central American pastries in South L.A., while also feeding the bus a little good morning grease. We now have enough vegetable oil to get to San Francisco!


This week, the biobus finishes up its Los Angeles stay with an event at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific on Monday, followed by a little road trip up north to close out the tour in San Francisco. I hope you'll join us before we roll out!