Bill McKibben Occupies Wall Street

Today marks the one-month anniversary of Occupy Wall street. Just in the Bay Area I have heard of three - Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Oakland and Occupy Berkeley. Needless to say, the rally is everywhere (it has even gone international!) and is continuing to gain steam.

Occupy Wall Street started out exactly how the name suggests, a protest against bank bailouts and the “1%,” the group of people at the very top of the financial spectrum. The 99% set out to take the power back and change the conversation about corporate power.  In addition to the goal of restoring democracy in America, Occupy Wall Street has turned into a forum for protests and conversations about other important issues, including education, health reforms and, most importantly to us, climate change.

Check out this video of co-founder Bill McKibben address the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the role that corporations have in the legislation and decision making process.


How can we use the momentum of Occupy Wall Street to build more of a conversation around climate change and taking action? Would you ever attend a protest?