Ban the Bag Success

TheProblemWithPlasticBagsWSThere are a number of problems with plastic bag use, as ACE student Miwa Lee posted on our blog last week. They’re inefficient, dangerous to animals, and bad for the environment. Thankfully, ACE students are here to save the day!

Earlier this year on Earth Day, ACE students in Denver, Colorado led a ‘Ban the Bag’ campaign to raise awareness about the problems with single-use plastic bag pollution. Students from Greely Central, New Vista, Rock Canyon, and Eagle Crest High Schools participated, partnering with the Cottonwood Institute and Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. They made signs, collected signatures, and handed out reusable bags to passersby that contained educational material about the issue. Even Denver City Councilwoman, Debbie Ortega, attended the event, spoke to the crowd, and signed the students’ petition.

Ban the Bag CO Ban the Bag Denver

The great news is that their hard work and effort recently paid off, as Denver has now implemented a bag fee to reduce waste and shift culture.

Two years ago when students at Santa Monica High School saw the ACE assembly, they were inspired to form Team Marine, which is their effort to fight plastic pollution and advocate for clean oceans and drinking water in Los Angeles. When they heard that LA banned plastic bags, they stood outside supermarkets to study the behavior change of resident buying habits. They collected data over the course of two years, observing over 50,000 local consumers. With data in hand, they spoke at a Santa Monica City Council meeting, urging for a sustainability bill of rights.

Faculty Sponsor Ben Kay + Team Marine leaders Faculty Sponsor Ben Kay + Team Marine leaders

Students all over the country are making their voices heard and taking action on the issues surrounding climate change that they care about most. These are only two stories of amazing students making change in their communities around one issue. There are thousands more like this out there.

How will you make change in your community and be heard? Take action today.