April Kehoe - North Carolina Teacher of the Year

This post is part of ACE's Teacher of the Year blog series. 

I am very pleased to nominate April Kehoe for ACE Teacher of the Year for North Carolina! Mrs. Kehoe is not only a dedicated ESL teacher for TWO schools, she is also the Faculty Sponsor for the Hickory High School Action Team!

My experience with Mrs. Kehoe has been nothing short of amazing! Once she found out about ACE’s assembly, she booked our presentation at BOTH of her schools! She has been a wonderful example of how to set goals in order to accomplish tasks and complete projects to her students. She has even facilitated the Action Team’s support of local community organizations in honor of Earth Day!

I immediately knew that I wanted to nominate Mrs. Kehoe for Teacher of the Year because of the positive impact she’s had on her students. Having worked in middle schools prior to working at Hickory High School, Mrs. Kehoe has supported many students and their siblings throughout the years. During an Action Team meeting, I witnessed students dropping by her room to say “Hi” and let her know how they were doing since leaving her class in middle school. Clearly, Mrs. Kehoe’s instruction and support has made a solid impact on these students and they look up to her.

Finally, Mrs. Kehoe is very dedicated to her students and their leadership development. When asked to help recruit Action Team members to attend a Leadership Training in Charlotte, NC, Mrs. Kehoe committed to personally visiting her students in their classes to spread the word about the upcoming training. She was able to recruit two students to carpool to the training in just one day!

For her hard work and dedication, I proudly nominate Mrs. April Kehoe for Western North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year - 2013!

April Kehoe

Melinda Lilly

Melinda is ACE’s Senior Communications Manager and lives in the Queen City - Charlotte, NC. She’s been supporting NC youth who are engaged in the fight against climate change since 2012! When she’s not at work, Melinda loves to watch anything from the Marvel Comics Universe and cook delicious food from scratch.