ACE teams up with Clif Bar for 2 Mile Challenge Campaign

I'm very excited to announce our new partnership with Clif Bar on the 2 Mile Challenge Campaign! ACE was chosen as one of 3 nonprofits to be part of the Challenge. Find out what the Challenge is, and how you can help ACE win a second grant from Clif Bar!

Here's what Ryan Mayo of Clif Bar has to say about the Challenge:

"It's in our DNA at Clif to help protect those places where we love to play. The 2 Mile Challenge is a game we created to fight climate change by challenging yourself and your friends to ride your bike instead of the car for those quick trips within 2 miles from home.

We're super excited to announce that this year the 2 Mile Challenge is sinking some deeper roots into the world of bicycle advocacy and the fight against climate change. We're pairing the 2 Mile Challenge with an effort to award $100,000 in grants to three nonprofit organizations that YOU can help us decide how to spend."

What's the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge (2MC as we like to call it!)? Find out!

So, what does this mean for YOU? Well, if you're a bike commuter -- like me -- or just bike for fun, you can log your miles and see your direct impact by registering an account with the 2 Mile Challenge.  You can also challenge your friends to see who can ride more in 1 week.  And... of course... don't forget to sign up for the BLUE team! You'll be pedaling for ACE and helping us win a second grant from Clif Bar.

Thanks to the 2 Mile Challenge team for including ACE in this exciting effort!  Our helmets are strapped tight and we're ready to ride... hope the rest of you join us!