ACE Statement on the Debt Ceiling Fight

Leah Qusba


May 9, 2023


Our leaders must refuse to negotiate deals that repeal the Inflation Reduction Act.

As the President sits down with members of Congress to discuss their Constitutional duty to avoid defaulting on America’s debt, we urge him to remain strong on America’s commitment to a clean energy future—and refuse to negotiate any deals that repeal any parts of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The threat isn’t just to default on America’s debts, it’s actually to default on America’s future.

By passing HR2811, the Polluters Over People Bill, allies of big polluters in the Houses have voted to repeal critical clean energy investments from the IRA and defund agencies that work to cut climate pollution, protect our air and water, and advance environmental justice. These harmful policies will do nothing but harm our communities and undo all the progress made to position America as a global leader in the clean energy transition.  

The IRA has already spurred $150 billion in new investments and over 100,000 newly announced jobs, especially in rural districts whose Representatives voted to repeal the IRA. Indeed, many polls show that the American people are anxious about climate change, broadly in favor of the IRA, and broadly in favor of a clean energy transition. 

But extremist politicians continue to be more concerned with appeasing Big Oil CEOs by repealing the law and endangering these good-paying jobs, even at the expense of their constituents. Big Oil and its political allies are willing to send the nation into default to push their dangerous agenda. 

An inability to increase the debt ceiling will hurt the nation, slashing critical programs will hurt millions of families, and cutting broadly-supported clean energy and energy efficiency programs will cause job loss and threaten our future. Negotiating on this bill would mean economic catastrophe while putting the US further behind in the race to be a leader in the clean energy economy. 

It’s time for our elected officials to live up to their promises to protect our communities, protect our economy, and stand up to Big Oil’s profiteering and pollution. If law-makers buckle under pressure and negotiate, then a precedent will be set to use climate legislation and the IRA as a bargaining chip on every must-past bill moving forward. Please stand strong with us, Mr. President. Our future is on the line—join us in fighting for it

Leah, ACE Headshot

Leah Qusba

Executive Director

Leah has been a part of ACE since 2009. She lives in Milwaukee with her family and enjoys frequent adventures on Lake Michigan.

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