ACE Assembly - Trailer

The ACE Assembly

The ACE Assembly is a live, multimedia assembly presentation for high schools on climate science and solutions. It’s climate science that puts teenagers at the center of the story.

The ACE Assembly combines air-tight science with pop-culture entertainment. Using references from peer-reviewed publications and cutting-edge storytelling techniques, we explain the science behind climate change and show the stories of young people whose lives have been affected by it.

But we don’t stop there — climate change without solutions makes for apathetic, disengaged students. We end with a vision of our world without climate change and how young people are going to get us there. We close by giving every student an opportunity to take action.

The ACE Assembly runs approximately 40 minutes in length and we can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of your school. The presentation is based on the latest and most credible scientific sources, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports - some of the most heavily researched and reviewed scientific reports in history.

It Works!

In October 2014, a peer-reviewed evaluation published in Climatic Change in partnership with researchers at Yale, Stanford, and George Mason University found these results in high school students after viewing the ACE Assembly:

  • 27% increase in climate science knowledge.
  • 43% increase in students who are concerned or alarmed about climate change.
  • 59% of students increased their intentions to take action.
  • 60% of students increased their intention to get friends and family to take action.
  • The number of students talking to parents and peers about climate change more than doubled.

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