Anika Palekar is a junior at Panther Creek High School. She is from Cary, North Carolina - born and raised. This explains her love for the Wolfpack and all things red. She believes climate change is an extremely important issue, especially to her and others in her generation. Anika recognizes that her generation and future generations will be the ones making decisions and creating solutions for climate change, so it is vital for there to be leaders on the path to environmental solutions. This is why she wanted to join the Fellowship; she wanted to work and become a climate change leader to better involve people her age and younger. She is really looking forward to meeting lots of new, like-minded people through the Fellowship and working together to provide new and innovative solutions through politics, climate change education, and more!

What first got her really interested in climate change in high school was a program at NC State University, where she worked with a mentor on an experiment about climate change. It was through this project that she realized how prevalent climate change was, and how little people her age knew about it. Anika made it her personal goal to be able to educate as many as she could on the real, scientific facts of climate change.

In her free time, Anika is a Girl Scout working on her Gold Award, and the Athletic Trainer Student Aide for the Wrestling Team at her school. She loves NC State and hopes to go there for majors in Environmental Science and Spanish, because if there is one thing she loves more than climate change, it's learning Spanish. She also loves watching Grey's Anatomy, Riverdale, and the Flash in her spare time.

Panther Creek High School