Transgender Pride: Youth Activists You Should Know

Victoria Whalen


October 25, 2022


“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”

Marsha P. Johnson

To celebrate transgender pride, we asked two trans activists about how their identities inform their climate and advocacy work. Read their responses below, learn more about them, and follow!

Nico Howeth


“When people talk about “gender” discrimination, it’s almost always code for cis women. And when they talk about “LGBTQ” discrimination, it’s almost always code for “LGB” discrimination. As a trans person, I notice when my community’s peril is silenced. There was zero mention of trans people on “gender day” at last year’s UN Conference on Climate Change—COP26. Trans people experience homelessness at staggering rates: they’re inclusion in conversations about climate change is indispensable.”

Vic Barrett


“My identity informs my activism because my identity informs my resilience. I understand that as a black person, an indigenous person, and a queer person – I’ll always be more vulnerable to the climate crisis.”

All photos courtesy of subjects.

Answers may have been edited for length.

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Victoria Whalen

Social Media Fellow

Victoria Whalen was born and raised in Georgia, and has recently graduated from Marymount Manhattan College where she received a double BA degree in Biology and Urban & Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Law & Ethics. She is also a rising law student and is attending the University of Oregon as a 1L Environmental and Natural Resources Fellow. In her free time she enjoys playing with her dog Coco, watching movies, playing video games, and doing any sorts of arts & crafts.

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