Youth Think Climate, Issue 2: Climate Justice

Liane Xu


February 10, 2021


Youth Think Climate (YTC) is an international magazine dedicated to sharing youth stories surrounding the climate crisis. The theme of this second edition is climate justice, focusing on the disproportionate impacts of climate change placed on marginalized communities.

The magazine features dozens of submissions from young people living in 13 states and 4 countries, alongside 2 interviews, ACE Fellowship updates, and resources for climate action.

The Youth Think Climate Team is thrilled to share the magazine with the world and inspire young activists to join the fight for climate justice.

Look out for the next issue!

We will be taking submissions for our next issue soon. If you want to submit something, watch out for updates on our Instagram @youththinkclimate.

The YTC team firmly believes education is critical to evoking progress and represents the root of an equitable future. After the publication of YTC’s first edition on climate change denial, the team expanded from 6 to 16 Alliance for Climate Education fellows and Youth Action Network members. 

Want to read more? Check out the ACE Blog.

Liane Xu (1)

Liane Xu


Liane attends Winter Park High School and is a 2020 ACE Action Fellow in Florida.

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