ACE Youth Action Network Demands President Donald Trump NOT Lease Public Lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for Fossil Fuel Exploration

Leah Qusba


January 5, 2021


Dear President Trump, On January 6, your Administration is planning to continue its assault on the environment—this time leasing land in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas drilling.

Your actions threaten the sacred land that sustains the Indigenous Gwich’in and Iñupiat people, and vulnerable species like caribou, polar bears, and northern sea otters.

Additionally, opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for more fossil fuel exploration will speed up the urgent climate crisis, putting our entire planet’s future at greater risk. President Trump, time and again, your Administration has ignored basic environmental science, putting the future of young Americans at risk.

That’s why​ over 13,600 Alliance for Climate Education supporters from across the country have signed on to this letter.​ We need you to hear us loudly and clearly:

President Donald Trump, do NOT lease our public lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for fossil fuel exploration.

Young Americans won’t stand by while you eviscerate the environment in exchange for oil and gas jobs that will soon be obsolete. At the same time, you refuse to support the explosive growth of reliable, long-term jobs in the renewable energy sector. This is not a good deal forAmerica.

Continuing America’s dependence on fossil fuels puts Americans at a disadvantage, continuing a legacy of high energy costs and environmental destruction. Please heed our call and cancel the BLM auction of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and be remembered as a President who cared about the future of young Americans—and made deals that were good for the country.


Leah Qusba

Executive Director

The Alliance for Climate Education

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Leah Qusba

Leah Qusba

Executive Director

Leah has been a part of ACE since 2009. She lives in Milwaukee with her family and enjoys frequent adventures on Lake Michigan.

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