#RepealHB6 – Lifting Youth Voices in Ohio

Lea Dotson


November 11, 2020


The FBI recently uncovered one of the largest public corruption cases in Ohio’s history. As part of this scheme, $61 million in bribes from the utility, First Energy, paid for the passage of the most regressive energy bill in the country: HB 6. HB 6 is a bailout of two nuclear power plants and a coal plant, funded by the hardworking people of the great state of Ohio. It was passed illegally and must be repealed. Not only is the bill corrupt and passed illegally, it’s also a disaster for climate change and props up two dangerous and dirty energy industries, rather than investing in clean, safe, renewable energy

The Ohio House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight said that they would not meet right away to consider a repeal of House Bill 6—which is unjust and doesn’t allow the public to speak out against this horrible bill.

So instead, ACE and partners co-hosted a series of virtual public hearings that offered citizens of Ohio a chance to share their thoughts and opinions about HB 6 prior to the November election. Ohio lawmakers were in attendance and Ace Fellows from Ohio delivered some of the most impactful testimonies of the night.

ACE Action Fellow Ela performs a spoken word piece in support of #RepealHB6.
Lea Dotson

Lea Dotson

Chapter Manager, Ohio

Lea Dotson joins the ACE team in 2020. She earned a BA in Pan African Studies from Kent State University, and a MBA with a concentration on Education Administration from The Ohio State University. She has brought with her experience as a high school principal and a community organizer. She is passionate about utilizing alternative educational modalities to strengthen students self efficacy around social justice issues. She is the proud mother of two children, Nailah and Marvis.

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