“Why We Vote…” ACE Action Fellows

India Howeth


July 29, 2020

Why I Vote...

Voting is crucial for a multitude of reasons. It is crucial to solving the climate crisis and the promise of a livable future for young people. It is crucial to enacting change in our communities. It is crucial to sending a message to all people – present and future – what kind of country, state, county or city we hope we are and become. Voting is power. Voting is change. Voting is hope.

Climate activists Annie Qin, Cynthia Tran, Ananya Seelam, Issac Smith, Dawn Royster, Rohan Tapiawala, Asher Wexler and Karina Samuel are using the power of their votes to support bringing about change and hope. Read why below.

1. Annie Qin

“I vote because there are people who can’t; Voting is taking advantage of our chance to change things.”

2. Cynthia Tran

I vote so I can stand with those who also support positive environmental action.

3. Ananya Seelam

“I vote so America can have a safe, sustainable and just future.”

4. Isaac Smith

“I vote so that future generations won’t have to live in fear and worry that I did.”

5. Dawn Royster

“I vote so people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks and our earth have protections.”

6. Rohan Tapiawala

“I vote for myself, for past generations who did not have the ability to do so, for future generations who have no say in the present and for the current peoples being oppressed.”

7. Asher Wexler

“I vote so that my grandchildren can live in a cleaner, greener and cooler world than I do…so they can go skiing in North Carolina like I do.”

8. Karina Samuel

“I vote for underrepresented voices, for families and for future generations.”

9. Simone Liang

“I vote for those who don’t have a say in my community.”

India Howeth

India Howeth

Social Media Intern

India joins ACE as a Social Media Intern based in Washington, D.C.  She is currently studying at American University for a B.A. in an Interdisciplinary Studies major of Communications, Legal Studies, Economics and Government with a minor in Arabic: her third language after English and Spanish.  

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