Halloween haiku contest winners

Kara Muraki


November 5, 2010


Thank you everyone for making ACE’s green Halloween haiku contest a big success. We were blown away by the 1,200 entries that came in from across the country and many of you had some great tips for greening Halloween that we are excited to tuck away in the ACE closet for next year! Read below for some of our favorites:


Zombies leave the grave.
Reuse old bodies for harm.
The dead recycle.


This is the best day
To turn off all of ur lights,
A dark spooky night!

Save up some money
turn off ur utilities
get amped on candy

When hal-lo-ween comes
re-cy-cle toi-let pap-er
make a mum-my costume
>ew gross! (:

(Submitted via email)
Ghost fly through the air
Choked by carbon everywhere
They cause quite a scare

This year, sport a used.
Make a new one from last year’s
Recycle costumes

Trees give the best treats
Pollution gives the worse tricks
Go green for good treats!

Kara Muraki

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