Zena Zendejas


Program Manager

Zena traces her ancestral path to Los Angeles through ways of the Villamar hills and cobblestone streets of Zamora, Michoacán. Like the monarch butterflies who recognize no borders in their migration, Zena sees her life’s work as one without borders on the mission to the break the miles of concrete that block the flourishing of the earth. With transnational decolonization on her mind, Zena sees climate justice at the forefront of being able to bring that healing into reality.

Zena joined ACE after a ten-month internship with Public Allies Los Angeles, where she was placed as a Youth Trainer with the Southeast Asian Community Alliance, working on the development, tailoring, and facilitation of social justice-based workshops for youth. Using pedagogy and theater of the oppressed as platforms for conscious awakening, she worked with youth to ensure the growth of their confidence in expressing their experiences and understanding the social implications behind them. Zena was a member of ACE's staff from 2014-2016.

Zena Zendejas
San Francisco Bay Area