Senior Education Manager

As ACE’s Senior Education Manager, Sunni develops and delivers engaging educational content on climate science, impacts, and solutions for teachers and young people across the country. Based in New York City, Sunni has worked predominately in interdisciplinary science education and youth leadership development.

Sunni joined ACE in 2016 as a Program Manager. She expanded on the New York City Program: presenting to thousands of students, managing NYC’s Action Fellowship program, and facilitating ACE’s Summer Institute.

She holds bachelor’s degrees in Earth and Space Sciences and Geology from Stony Brook University and a Master of Arts in Teaching, with specializations in Earth Sciences and General Sciences. Sunni has served as a science teacher for the NYC Department of Education, teaching Earth Science, Living Environment, Environmental Science, and Health. She spent three years teaching research and college preparatory skills to high-needs adolescent youth with GeoPREP and created Project Earth Science Outdoors in hopes to foster the idea that science is accessible anywhere, even in the concrete jungle.

Sunni loves organizing the apartment, exploring NYC’s swing and blues dance scenes, and eating way too much ice cream for her own good.

Sunni Tang
New York City