Team Recruitment and Outreach

Chelsea High School's Action Team recruits support for banning Styrofoam lunch trays
Chelsea High School's Action Team recruits support for banning Styrofoam lunch trays

Do you need more members in your Action Team? Or are you looking for people to come to an event you’re organizing or help with your campaign or project?

Here are some tips for recruiting new members or doing outreach to your community.


  • Canvassing: Go classroom-to-classroom to tell your peers about your Action Team or campaign.
  • Media: Use the school newspapers or morning announcements to drum up support.
  • Social Media: Post your team meetings and events on Facebook and Twitter or e-mail your friends to invite them to join you.
  • Phone Calls: Call your friends and peers who have expressed interest in joining your team or event to ensure their attendance/participation.
    Students in Boston use funky costumes to increase visibility
  • Texting: Many folks won't check a voicemail, but if you've been given permission to contact them on their cell phone, texts are a great way to quickly remind folks about the time, date, and location of your team meeting or upcoming event.
  • Tabling: Set up a table with a volunteer sign-up sheet. Be sure to collect folks’ names and contact information (email and phone) so you can get back in touch with them.
  • Posters: Use your creative skills to make posters to advertise your Action Team and your campaign or event. Be sure to include the what, when, and where.
  • Skits, Costumes, Fun! If you have some creative types in your group, consider doing a skit for the morning announcements or wearing costumes to lunch to attract attention.



Once you’ve chosen your tactics, you want to think a little bit about your messaging. What will make people want to join your group or help out with your project?

Here are some things to think about:

  • You were once new to joining your Action Team. What got you started, and what kept you coming to meetings? Highlight those things when you talk to potential new members or attendees. Here are some common motivators we’ve heard from students:
    • Food!
    • Friends are part of Action Team
    • Action Team was doing awesome project
    • There was a clear way for me to get involved
    • I really care about climate change or the environment
    • I needed community service hours
  • There are a number of emotions that motivate people to take action. When recruiting for your Action Team or event, think about which ones you want to get people to feel and tailor your messaging toward those emotions:
    • Responsibility or Duty
    • Excitement
    • Inspiration
    • Anger*
    • Frustration*
    • Fear*

*While Anger, Frustration and Fear are "activators," use them wisely. Positive messaging tends to reach more individuals, and keep people involved for the long haul!