ACE Science Reports and Worksheets

Reb Anderson examining an ice core section
Reb Anderson examining an ice core section

Want a simple explanation of El Niño? Ever wondered how scientists get past temperature from an ice core?

Look no further. The following Science Reports written by ACE Director of Education Reb Anderson cover these topics and many more in a short, easy-to-understand format that’s perfect for high school students.

These reports cover many of the higher-level — and incredibly fascinating — aspects of climate change that aren’t covered in the ACE Assembly.

Each report also comes with an accompanying student worksheet.

Looking for a climate science topic that’s not covered here? Email Reb.

Note: All science reports and worksheets are in Google Document format. Go to File > Download As to download the report and worksheet as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Black Carbon: The Dirty Sidekick of CO2

It’s bad for our health and bad for the climate.

Cleaning Up Coal

Coal really is the dirtiest fossil fuel.

El Niño

We’ve all heard of it. But what is it, really?

Global Temperature and the Oceans

Turns out the oceans have a lot to do with the temperatures we feel on land.

How to Date an Ice Core

It’s more than just taking it out to dinner.

How to Get Past Temperature From an Ice Core

It’s about isotopes.

How to Make a Fossil Fuel

Don’t try this at home…

Ocean Fertilization

Can we hide that extra CO2 in the ocean?

REALLY Old Climate and Climate Change

Wasn’t it a lot hotter back when dinosaurs were around?

What the Heck is a Methane Hydrate?

They’re also known as “fire ice.”

What’s up with 350?

Is 350 ppm a magic number for the planet?

Why Global Warming Means Global Weirding

It’s more than just warmer weather…


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