Before the Assembly

We've put together the following resources to help prepare for the ACE Assembly:

ACE Assembly Worksheet

This worksheet, specific to the ACE Assembly, focuses on listening comprehension and key terms to ensure students leave knowing the essentials about climate change. (Note: Go to File > Download As to download the worksheet and answer key as a Word Doc file or PDF.)

Pre-ACE Assembly Reading

What's the Deal? — This short article summarizes the basic concepts of climate change and provides a great, brief overview before the Assembly. Not required, but recommended.

Invite Teachers to the Assembly

Use this ready-to-send email to let other teachers know about the upcoming Assembly and our Teacher Resources.

Pre-Assembly Lesson Plan: Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint, a lesson plan offered through CLEAN (Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network), allows students to calculate their family’s carbon footprint and the class footprint online through the EPA’s carbon footprint calculator. The lesson takes approximately two 45-minute class periods and computer access is needed.