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ACE has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009. To date, we’ve educated over 382,000 Bay Area students with the live ACE Assembly and trained 880 young people as climate leaders. In the 2015-2016 school year, our ACE Action Fellows joined with TransForm to push for a new statewide transportation tax that will increase climate resilience and community sustainability, and with NextGen Climate America to advocate for pro-climate policies at the state level. This school year, we’re looking forward to working with the Food and Water Watch, the Center for Biological Diversity and a number of other partners to advocate for renewable energy, a ban on CA fossil fuel extraction in all its forms, and restrictions in the use of fracking and oil waste water on Central Valley crops.

Highlights from 2015-2016:

  • Action Fellows attended the People's Climate Rally in Silicon Valley. Fellow Kian Martin was featured as the only youth speaker at the event.
  • Action Fellow Ana Singh spoke in front of hundreds of people at the Don’t Block the Sun rally in San Francisco to protest PG&E’s proposal that would stall continued consumer solar adoption.
  • Greenlining Institute staff shared the history of the Global Warming Solutions Act (SB 535) with ACE Fellows at a meeting in the fall.
  • Fellows testified at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board Meeting in support of a sales tax that could generate much needed funding for public transit in Silicon Valley.
  • Fellows visited the State Capitol as part of a Legislative Advocacy Day, urging 19 representatives to vote yes on SB 1383, and support the implementation of SB 32.
  • ACE Fellow Ryan Condensa spoke on a Climate One Panel focused on the experience of young people learning about and taking action on climate change, reaching an audience of 14,000 people.


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