New Study Proves ACE Program Inspires Action in Teens

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For Immediate Release
Release Date: 10/28/14 
Contact: Leah Qusba | 262.880.8661 |

While the climate crisis increasingly demands an urgent response, a recent report suggests only 15% of the United States is very worried about global warming. Programs like the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) are bringing innovation at scale to address this gap.

This week, the academic journal, Climatic Change, released a peer-reviewed evaluation of the ACE Assembly, a multi-media climate education program serving high school students across America. The ACE Assembly was developed by the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), a non-profit organization working to educate high school students about climate change and inspire them to take action.

The evaluation was conducted in partnership with experts at Yale, George Mason University and Stanford to explore the impact of the ACE program on high school students aged 13 to 17. The pre- and post- assembly surveys drew from the Global Warming’s Six Americas framework, which is used to assess climate-related attitudes and beliefs of Americans.

Researchers surveyed 2,847 students in 49 high schools nationwide before and after viewing the ACE Assembly, and found students became more knowledgeable about climate science, felt more confident in their ability to take climate action, and changed their communication and conservation behavior in a number of important ways. 

The authors conclude that “the net impact of [ACE’s work] could be a population shift in knowledge and positive engagement in the issue of climate change.… [and] can inspire youth for deeper engagement in school programs, personal action, and political and consumer advocacy.” 

Read more about the project and download the paper for free on our website.

More about ACE:

Since 2008, ACE has reached over 1.8 million students across America with its climate education program and inspired over 300,000 students to take action. ACE has also empowered thousands of new and diverse students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be effective leaders. The program has been proven to work. In 2014, ACE students advocated for a New York City climate education mandate, pushed for school districts to cut carbon, and partnered with policy experts for lasting climate solutions.

ACE seeks to shift the landscape of climate engagement, which has traditionally excluded young people and communities of color – those that are most affected by climate consequences. 73% of ACE schools are public and 60% of students in its programs are youth of color.