Community Groups Turn Out for Strong Clean Power Plan Implementation

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November 12, 2015

Elspeth DiMarzio,, 702-659-2811

Community Groups Turn Out for Strong Clean Power Plan Implementation
Nevadans Ask NDEP to Retire Coal Early and Invest in Energy Efficiency and Renewables

CARSON CITY -- Today the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) held a hearing on the creation of a state implementation plan for the national Clean Power Plan (CPP). Advocates from the Sierra Club, Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada gathered at the hearing to encourage the state to create a plan that retires the North Valmy coal plant early, raises Nevada’s commitment to energy efficiency and rooftop solar, and includes all Nevadans in the benefits of clean energy.

“Our state’s largest carbon emitter is the North Valmy Generating Station, releasing 2.7 million tons of CO2 every year into the atmosphere,” said Elspeth DiMarzio, Organizing Representative for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. “The most important issue for Nevada to deal with in our CPP implementation plan will be the future of this dirty, polluting coal plant. NDEP should analyze the carbon reductions, as well as potential savings to ratepayers, that closing the North Valmy coal plant and replacing it with 100% renewables and energy efficiency no later than 2020 would provide.”

Nevada’s CPP implementation plan will chart a path for our state’s energy use and production over the coming decades. At stake is how quickly Nevada can transition from dirty coal power to renewables and energy efficiency, the future of our local renewable energy industry and the jobs it creates, access to clean energy for low-income families, Nevadans’ freedom to benefit from rooftop solar, and much more.

“The Clean Power Plan will help us protect our climate for future generations,” said Vernard Williams, Associate Program Director for Alliance for Climate Education. “Nevada should take advantage of this opportunity to build a state implementation plan that takes advantage of our unique local opportunities to build clean energy capacity and increase our energy efficiency investments. There’s so much at stake - we don’t have time to waste before we act on climate change.”

“Our state must not only develop a Clean Power Plan that results in carbon reductions, but one that moves our state toward achieving racial and economic justice,” said Bob Fulkerson, state director and co-founder of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. “We must ensure our state helps pave the way for a sincere investment in communities of color, working class and low-income communities. We can do this by targeting energy efficiency and renewable job creation in communities of color and low-income communities, and by moving resources from corporate hands into community controlled Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency programs which hire locally, and create wealth that stays in the communities.”