Teagan Mayr

Digital Marketing Intern

Teagan is a Digital Marketing Intern at ACE, where she works behind the scenes on influencer campaigns within the organization. Teagan has over three years of experience in managing campaigns and promoting issues of climate and social justice.

Teagan is a freshman at Penn State majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Statistics and Mass Communications. She is particularly interested in bringing youth advocates into the conversation about climate change. Prior to her role with ACE, Teagan worked on the Biden-Harris presidential campaign within the state of Florida. Teagan also worked with local legislative change makers in providing constituent services and promoting sustainability and LGBTQ+ protection initiatives.

Teagan was born and raised in Orlando, Florida but now resides in State College, Pennsylvania. In her free time, Teagan loves to read, take care of her cat Nebula, and go on road trips.