Moses Wamalwa

Chapter Manager, Pennsylvania

Moses recently joined ACE as a Youth Organizer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He primarily will be focused on delivering climate education through the “Our Climate Our Future” assembly and working to mentor and empower young climate leaders and activists in the form of the Action Fellowship. He has more than 8 years’ experience as an educator, mentor and coach and will work to ensure that the youths have the education and space to have their voices heard, especially in the voting booth.

Moses has lived in three different countries and four different states. Kenya where his family originates, Rwanda where he served two years in the Peace Corps as a Teacher and Youth Organizer and America where he has spent most of his life. This has given him an appreciation for the rich tapestry of humanities cultural differences, but this has also made him deeply aware of the injustices present in our lives.

He graduated from University of Baltimore with a Jurisprudence Degree, more questions than answers and a burning desire to do more for the world. He worked to educate and empower young people to tackle the challenges of racism, sexism and classism in Baltimore after the Baltimore Uprising. He found that he learned far more from the teens than he could ever teach them. He believes that youth hold the power to create change.

Moses is both a voracious reader and eater. He likes using Spoken word and poetry to engage with difficult topics. He loves to laugh!