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Megan Hart

Wisconsin Action Fellow


Campaign Involvement

Megan Hart is a resident of Hartland, WI and senior at Arrowhead High School. Megan is an Honor Student and member of numerous organizations on campus including the Environmental Club. Megan joined the Wisconsin Fellowship in October 2018.

If someone asks Megan about the importance of climate change, she gives them two words: future people. Megan believes that, over every other reason, the future, and the people that will live in it, are the most important reasons to tackle climate change. Protecting the earth for future generations is important. Being selfless is something that tends to be hard for many people in her generation, but is another reason why she feels it’s important to help.

Megan is passionate about the environment and because of that passion, has recently become vegan. Megan plans on pursuing an environmental career in the future and she enjoys many outdoor activities, sports, and traveling. She wanted to become an ACE Action Fellow to gain more knowledge about environmental topics that have always important to her. She hopes to gain more of an insight into the complexity of climate change issues and what she can do to address them.