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Allie C

Creator Marketing Manager

Allie is ACE’s Creator Marketing Manager and works with content creators in the Creator Collective to empower young people to take action on the climate crisis through the use of original short-form videos.

Allie received her Bachelor of Science in Music Business from Drexel University and combined her business studies with an interest in sociology to learn more about human behavior and the “why” behind the actions we take. It was in one of these sociology courses (specifically about global climate change) where she got an in-depth look at the state of the planet and the importance of finding solutions for the climate emergency.

Prior to joining ACE, Allie spent five years in entertainment marketing, working across social media, e-commerce, and brand partnerships teams to help connect music artists with their fans.

In her free time, you can most definitely find her cooking, playing the drums and guitar, doing a crossword puzzle, adventuring around on a long walk, or seeing a Broadway show.