A solarizing experience!

By Carol Bowe, student from Boston Latin School YouthCAN

Last Tuesday on September 7that the old South Church in Boston, 350.org held an event about putting solar on the white house.

Bill McKibben and some students from Unity College in Maine traveled there with a solar panel from their rooftop (that was actually on the White House back in the day!) that they wanted the President to put back on the White House.

What would you do with a second summer vacation?

Here at ACE, we were curious about the crazy adventures people were up to over the summer, and even more curious about which adventures were environmentally and climate friendly. So, we recently launched a text message contest to find out!

Read on to hear the adventures of our 3 winners along with several staff favorites. If you didn't get a chance to text in, feel free to share your best green summer adventure in the comments section and you can sign up for future texts and contests by texting "DOT" to 30644.

Let's Get Solar On The White House

I'll call it a Phoenix... out of the ashes of a dead climate bill in the US Senate, rises an opportunity for our President to be a leader and reincarnate an American industry that could both create jobs and help curb climate change.

What am I talking about? Solar on the White House, of course...

LA Lakers Point Guard shares his DOT

Ever see an ACE Educator dunk with an NBA Champ? Me neither... until now! LA Lead Educator Ethan Burke stopped by former LA Laker Jordan Farmar's Summer Camp - "Hoop Farm" - to give a presentation and shoots some hoops with the champ.

Get trained in Oakland on Sept. 18th!

I hope you’re all geared up for another excellent semester with ACE! To kick off the semester in NorCal, we’re hosting a Student Leadership Training in Oakland on September 18th.

The training will go down at the Green Youth Media & Arts Center (map) and it'll bring together high school leaders from all over the Bay Area to build organizing skills, network with other nearby students and get the scoop on all the ways ACE can help you create change this year!

Action Teams: not-so-new, definitely improved!

By Ashlee Jensen, ACE National Action Team Coordinator

Today, I want to tell you about some changes to our Student Action Program. Change can be overwhelming but ACE's improved program is something I'm pretty sure we all can believe in!


After an awesome spring, with more than 400 action teams and 150 projects under our belts, we realized our Action Team program still needed some refining.

Joe Walking: climate Qs for the average Joe

Last week, our intern Joe bolted out of the office and began JoeWalking.

Joe was in search of an answer to some climate questions and hoped the citizens of Oakland could lend him a hand.

Here's what he saw:

US Goverment on the hunt for clean energy

What would you do if you were in charge of our government and on the hunt for clean energy miracles capable of filling our gas tanks with something new??

Read on to see how the U.S. government is funding a new agency that aims to develop cars that run on trees or electricity made from clean energy sources!

ACE Northeast rocks out w/ DMB

This summer, ACE Northeast hooked up with Reverb to collect DOTs from fans rocking out to Dave Mathews Band and Yonder Mountain String Band in Massachusetts. Almost everyone we talked with was more than ready to take steps to help the environment and cool the climate.

In less than 2 hours Rouwenna and I collected 100 DOTs! Here's what we saw...


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