A Day of Green Learning!

By Nhu Le, ACE Field Correspondent

What is one of the biggest hurdles to overcoming climate change?

Lack of understanding about the issue and methods of stopping it. On October 12th, 2010, BLS Youth CAN took action to make sure that wasn’t an issue at Boston Latin School...

Inspiration Café : Student Leadership in Chicago

Where does your inspiration come from? Does it come from your family? What about a friend or a co-worker? Are you inspired by what you see in the media? Where does your inspiration come from? I ask this question because it is important, but also because for our team in Chicago, there is only one source that inspires us like no other, young people! From our own children to youth leaders who are taking on climate change and global warming in their communities, inspiration is contagious. And Saturday, September 25th, Chicago had inspiration fever!

Smog-free LA? Make it happen on 10.10.10

Ever thought about how fun it would be to ride your bike down LA’s historic streets, without any traffic?!

Well, in conjunction with 350.org’s 10/10/10 Global Work Party, that dream is coming true!. CicLAvia is blocking off 7 ½ miles of LA’s streets on Sunday, October 10th from 10 am to 3 pm!

Did I mention that Ellen Page, the actress from Juno and Inception will be there?!

Actress shares hot DOT o' the week

I read the other day that, in the US, we use something like 100 billion plastic bags a year - and pretty much all of them are thrown away (not recycled). Think of all the energy, oil, and money we're wasting by making plastic bags that end up in our oceans, food chain, and landfills! Check out actress and activist Ingrid Walters share her DOT - packing down her carbon footprint... one bag at a time.

(Not) Waiting on the World to Change

"It's hard to be persistent when we're standing at a distance, so we keep on waiting on the world to change..."

What does John Mayer have to do with anything? Well, he brought this blog post upon himself when he decided to debut one of my favorite songs, Waiting on the World to Change, in 2006.

Honestly, whenever I hear this song, my mind is unfailingly drawn to global warming. Here's why...

LA students: meetup + training on Sunday!

This Sunday, September 26th we'll be hosting our 4th Los Angeles Student Leader Training at the beautiful Tree People campus. Are you picking up what we're putting down? GREAT!

Register for the free September 26th training here.

Amazing youth coming to a city near you!

From our friends over at the Brower Youth Awards

The Brower Youth Awards are an incredible opportunity to be ignited, inspired and energized to be an agent of change!

The Awards honor six exceptional youth eco-activists all over North America. This year, join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of youth from Puerto Rico to Alaska (including Ana Elisa Perez Quintero, pictured above)...

Trees Bottle NYC Traffic

A violent 70-80 mile per hour tornado like storm uprooted trees, knocked down power lines, and dominated news headlines Thursday night in New York City and I live to tell about it!

What's hot and cool & green all over?

Urban Gardening in NYC, that's what! This summer it was obvious: urban gardening is hot right now, and everyone from Martha Stewart to high school students in the Bronx know that there's a lot of it happening right now in NYC!

I did a little digging (insert pun) and found that urban gardens are more than just a passing fad here in NYC - and students have some interesting reasons for planting them. Check out my silent film investigation of the who, what and where of urban gardens in NYC:


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