Trick or DOT!

By Kayla Newman, ACE Field Correspondent, and student at La Quinta High School

What will you be doing this Halloween night? Trick-or treating? Passing out candy?

I will be collecting DOTs and having tons of fun!

Here's how my team will do it and become eligible for a $200 starter grant for future climate-related projects...

Cash for green projects?

Looking for some cash for your next Action Team project? ACE can help you!

We're awarding 2 $2,500 Action Grants to help you take on your next carbon-reducing, awareness-raising project - anything from implementing a recycling program to installing water filters at school.

Click here to get started!

Introducing Chicago's Youth Representative!

My name is DanaRae Marigmen, I attend Fenwick High School and I’m the new Youth Rep for ACE in Chicago.

As an ACE Youth Rep and the voice of all ACE high schools in the Chicago area, I will be a role model, aid and voice of encouragement to everyone who is willing to make a change – a change for the essential preservation of our environment and the betterment of our lives, both locally and globally.

I believe youth are the perfect candidates to be instruments to the public about climate change, and in turn, influence everyone around them.

The Baddest Scientist On the Planet - Hot DOT of the Week

This dude is baaaaad. I'm talking Samuel L Jackson in any action movie that he's ever been in kind of bad. Or maybe, a better comparison for Hansen would be a modern day Gandhi, without all the fasting...

Check out Dr. Hansen sharing his DOT - calling on young people to lower our emissions and raise our voices...


By Michael Mosko, ACE Intern + Field Correspondent

I used to get around by wearing down the soles of my kicks, sinking into passenger seats and enjoying the musty smell of public transit. I've evolved, though, to two beautiful tires gliding across concrete streets.

Here's why...

Riding into a Future Free of Coal and Oil in LA

On October 10, 2010 –’s international day of action – there were more than 7,000 events held around the world to lower our emissions and raise our voices.

In LA, Kristina, Ethan and myself joined action team leaders, activists, friends and neighbors to rally against coal and oil in Los Angeles. Speakers included, among others, LA City Council President Eric Garcetti, Ellen Page of Juno and Inception fame (check out her hot DOT here) and an outstanding young leader in the climate movement, Matt Dang of Environmental Charter High School.

Read the speech that moved the crowd to roar as Matt stepped off stage...

Drum roll please... announcing ACE Youth Reps!

ACE is launching a new program to support young movers-and-shakers across the country, ACE Youth Reps.


Because we know that young people will lead the change we need to see, and we're prepared to support them to get their voice and story heard. We need more Severn Suzukis in this world...

Get the Dirt on 10/10/10 in Boston

Get the dirt on what went down on 10/10/10 from student Ashley Guillaume

The Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network (BLS YouthCAN) got to work, building and planting raised beds in front of their school. This year, the club is focused on Food and Sustainability.

We have some great activities coming up - and here's how you can join in...

Inspiration Cafe Pt 2: Chicago students rock green projects

By Jenny Wolan, Dundee Crown High School, Algonquin, Illinois

On September 25th, 2010 students from all over Chicago schools come to join the very powerful ACE leadership training. What was the training all about?

Twenty-five students came to learn about how to create and achieve their ideas around greening up their schools! Here's what we did...

Green dream becomes reality in Oakland

Last Sunday, a dream came true on a street corner near downtown Oakland, California. On's Global Work Party - day of service for climate action, Oakland's Green Youth Arts & Media Center got hooked up to the free power of the sun AND was filled with the ideas and inspiration of Bay Area high school students!


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