Save Our Snow - HOT DOT of the Week

Do you wish that you could have the sickest winter athletes in the country coming to your school? People like Olympic Gold Medalist Seth Wescott, 5-time X Games Gold Medalist Nate Holland, or one of the craziest back-country snowboarders around, Forrest Shearer?

Well, in the next two weeks, if you live in Salt Lake City, UT or the Roaring Fork Valley, CO this might be your school. Here's Seth Wescott after he won silver at X Games 2010 sharing his DOT. (He went on to win gold at the Olympics)

Building a Bamboo Bike

Student members of the ACE Action team at Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx won the Amazing ACE Race competition in the NY/NJ/DC region with 9 star points! They earned points by completing some pretty amazing carbon-reducing projects: a green roof with the help of Sustainable South Bronx, school composting, and last but not least the bamboo bike project depicted in this video.

Five ways to slay vampires at the Cal Academy of Sciences

A couple of weeks ago, Daniela and I had a fantastic day speaking at the Cal Academy and perusing the exhibits.

Unlike our usual presentation which is targeted towards teenagers interested in pursuing a smart energy project, we did a high-energy, interactive presentation about FIVE different ways to save energy at home...

ACE Scholarships - are you next?

Last year ACE awarded more than $25,000 to 11 incredible student leaders, like Zena Sabath who founded and directed her school's green club in Texas and Dan Knickelbein, a community organizer and active member of Oak Park’s Environment and Energy Commission in Illinois.

We are on the lookout for our next batch of scholarship winners as 2011 gets rolling. Will you be one of them!? The deadline is February 17, 2011. Download our application here.

And, while you're thinking about whether an ACE scholarship is for you, chew on this story from 2010 ACE Scholarship winner Julia Borden...

Where does your electricity come from?

As you read this blog on the internet, which connects us all around the globe, many of us are still blind to the fact that half of our electricity in our country still comes from a technology that was introduced in the nineteenth century: coal.

Last night, I saw a film called Dirty Business: “Clean Coal" and the Battle for Our Energy Future, consulted and narrated by Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell, which asks these crucial questions: “Can coal ever really be made "clean"? If we were to try to wean ourselves off coal, how would we keep the lights on? Is renewable energy ready for prime time? Is Carbon Capture and Storage really a viable option financially and environmentally?

And the winners are...

Amidst the holiday craziness, we asked our mobile subscribers what items topped their green holiday wish list.

We received over 1,400 responses and had a very difficult time choosing just three to win our holiday contest and receive their green item of choice.

Read on to see what our winners asked for and how they are reducing waste, making their schools more energy efficient, and greening up their transportation with their prizes.

Trash is Cash...Pay it Forward

Imagine being a 10 year old boy living in Nairobi, Keyna in Africa.

Though Africa is a beautiful continent, you live in the slum area of Mathare Valley where all the shops, hotels, and houses of Nairobi dump roughly 1.5 tons of trash there everyday. You and your friends battle poverty, drugs, and even lead poisoning from living next to this dump.

To top it off, your parents and grandparents repeatedly mention how the seasons, the landscape, and the climate have changed since they were young farmers living off the land. What’s the solution?

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Take a look into another part of the world were a group of teenagers used their creativity to being hope and purpose into a life and death situation.

Small steps - and my own green blog

By ACE Field Correspondent, Elizabeth Ridolfi, and student at Placer High School in Auburn, CA

I always thought my family and I had lived a fairly green lifestyle - from buying local foods to recycling and composting. That is, until I calculated my ecological footprint through my AP Environmental Science class.

The results hit me hard - if everyone on earth lived my lifestyle, we'd need 5.17 earths. I had a long way to go to... and so began a journey to reduce my footprint.

Over the next three months, I made small changes and even started start my own environmentally themed blog. The results are in and here's what I've accomplished...

New Year, New DOT

New Year's resolutions are all the buzz right now - new year, new start. Here's a fresh idea for you - Do One Thing (DOT) for the environment.

We've got a New Year's DOT contest for you - a chance to win $150 and some fame...


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