Art, Climate and Movement Building: An Interview with Rachel Schragis

Rachel Schragis is a visual artist, cultural organizer, and lifelong New Yorker, based in Brooklyn. Rachel was the coordinator of the People's Climate March arts team in which she supported hundreds of creative projects and worked with organizers and artists to develop a narrative framework that weaved together many diverse constituencies and rallying cries to tell a powerful story about the climate movement.

ACE Alum to speak at Bioneers

Kian Martin, a member of ACE’s Alumni Network and a freshman at UC Berkeley, has been chosen as a keynote speaker at this year’s annual Bioneers Conference, October 21-23, 2016. Bioneers brings together innovators, artists, leaders and visionaries to solve the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.

“Not only should youth be taken seriously in organizing and decision making, but we must be included in order to achieve real climate justice.”

Few Winners, Billions of Losers: Hurricane Matthew isn't Special

Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful and dangerous storm to threaten the Atlantic coast in a generation, but it isn't special. Millions of people in the US, especially people of color and low-income communities, face constant and increasing threats from both the impacts of climate change and the continued expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Clean Power Plan’s Day in Court

Dozens of lawyers spent more than seven hours presenting their sides with respect to the Clean Power Plan in front of the full ten-member D.C. Circuit Court on Tuesday. After the arguments, both sides emerged exhausted, as well as confident of their chances of winning.

NYC Youth Join UN for Climate Agreement Ratification

On September 21, 2016, in the midst of NYC Climate Week, ACE Fellows, Zora Hall and Hakim Evans, joined Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other world leaders at UN Headquarters in New York City for the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement Ratification Ceremony. Zora and Hakim were part of a historic moment as representatives for ACE and youth taking action on climate change around the world.

NYC Fellows Take Part in UAE Youth Circle

On the sidelines of the United Nations Paris Climate Change Agreement Ratification Ceremony in New York City last week, eight ACE Action Fellows were invited to join a Youth Circle discussion on sustainability with youth from around the world. The Youth Circle event, titled “Sustainability: Our Shared Responsibility,” was hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Climate Change and Environment during Climate Week NYC and featured over 30 young people and high-ranking UAE officials.

Bay Area Fellows Rock Against the TPP

"If there isn't a protest, be the protest" was the motto of the evening at the Rock Against the TPP concert and rally earlier this month. When our group arrived at the TPP rally, there were barely a dozen demonstrators present, and none of them were protesting. We soon realized that we needed to take the lead.

Landmark youth climate lawsuit picks up steam

Last week, a landmark climate change lawsuit brought by 21 youth from across the U.S. against the federal government hit another major milestone. U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken presided over the latest hearing in the case, Juliana et al v. US Gov, that could be described as David v. Goliath.


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