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Hurricane Harvey: Ground zero for climate justice.

There are 50 inches of rain falling  –  50 inches, over four feet. That’s how much rainfall Hurricane Harvey is expected to dump on southern Texas before it’s all over.

It’s hard to actually comprehend what that much rain means.

We Won’t Stand on the Sidelines

As an organization committed to fighting for justice in all forms, we condemn white supremacy. We acknowledge that the roots of racism run deep in our country, roots which became starkly visible this past weekend in Charlottesville.

We stand in solidarity against the violent acts of racism that caused many severe injuries and loss of life. We also recognize the complexity of these topics and the long history of systemic racism that dates back to our founding as a nation and how these systems are entwined with all forms of injustice.

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I pushed past my nerves and spoke up. It was worth it.

On April 4, 2017, I stood in front of thirteen politicians and began the most terrifying experience of my life. With shaking, sweaty hands I held a cardboard box stuffed to the brim with petitions and a document that contained a speech written on it in 12-point Times New Roman Font. I had been preparing for this moment for months. I took a deep breath, and when the timer planted on the podium began to count down from 180 seconds, I began to speak.

The obvious toxin you thought was banned is still killing Americans.

“What? Asbestos isn’t banned?” is an exclamation I hear all too often from people when I tell them I am a survivor of mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure. I know, crazy isn’t it, that a known carcinogen banned from use in over 55 OTHER countries is not banned in the USA, long thought to be a world leader in such things. Sadly, the United States lags far behind on these types of regulations and if the current administration gets its way, things could get even worse.


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