HKonJ March Highlights Fight for Justice in North Carolina

The Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) Moral March is a truly historic march in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina that hundreds of people and organizations attend every year. People come from all over North Carolina and unite under one goal: to be heard.

Interview: ACE Alums at Brooklyn Youth Climate Summit

On May 20, ACE alums Aryaana Kahn, Lillian Davis-Bosch and Hakim Evans attended the Youth Climate Summit at the Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School in Brooklyn, NY as part of ACE’s partnership with The Wild Center’s Convening Young Leaders for Climate Resilience NOAA project.

ACE followed up with them afterwards to hear how it went.


ACE: Describe what and where the event was and who was there.

Climate Riders Countering Climate Denial

Recently, I was astounded to find that special interest groups funnel nearly $1 billion each year* to push anti-science bills, delay action on climate change, and spread fake climate science to K-12 schools. It's in this context that ACE has launched an all-new version of Our Climate Our Future, our award-winning climate education resource and a powerful way to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation.

This Is Zero Hour

I’m a 16-year-old environmental activist. I am the founder of a national youth climate action movement called Zero Hour. We are gearing up for the revolutionary Youth Climate Action Weekend this summer.

North Carolina Youth Climate Summit

During the summer of 2017, I volunteered at The Wild Center in New York for a month. While there, I learned about their Youth Climate Summit program, an annual conference for high school students that brings different school groups together to learn about and discuss climate change. The first Summit originated in New York with one student’s idea, and has since spread all over the world.

#YouthvGovNC: We are Undeterred

The #YouthvGovNC hearing on February 7, 2018 was a quintessential example of the power of the youth voice in leading the fight against climate change. Three students, Arya Pontula (my sister!), Hallie Turner, and Emily Liu, urged the North Carolina Air Quality Committee of the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) to recommend adoption of a petition to reduce NC carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050.

We Stand With Teachers

Last week, thousands of teachers in Arizona and Colorado walked out of their classrooms to demand fairer compensation for their work. They follow in the footsteps of teachers in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma as part of the #RedforEd campaign.


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