The Thrill of Speaking Up: Why we should all be lobbyists

The fossil fuel Divestment movement is growing. Colleges, religious institutions, private investment groups, and individuals from across the country are taking a stand and removing their financial support from an industry that is profiting by wrecking the planet. And while the actions of colleges and churches have received a lot of publicity, a huge source of support for the fossil fuel industry comes from our own government.

#Youth4Climate: Getting Loud on Climate in Paris and Beyond

Last September, 194 young people stood in the balcony at United Nations Headquarters in New York and witnessed the adoption of the 2030 Agenda. More than 7 million young people from around the globe spoke up and seized the opportunity to vote on their priorities for the Sustainable Development Goals, and they placed climate change at the top of their list.

Getting Loud for Offshore Wind in NYC

More than 100 supporters of offshore wind power gathered on the steps of New York City Hall on February 18 for a rally and press conference to kick off a 2016 campaign to secure a large-scale, long-term commitment to offshore wind development in New York.

Nevada Youth Fights for Clean Power

The battle for clean energy has been hotly contested in Nevada and ACE Action Fellows have proven to be key stakeholders fighting for clean power that is equitable and inclusive.  

Poetry in America: Why we need art for social change

The setting is Ms. Falls’ 12th grade English classroom in the Sunset District of San Francisco, CA. I’m facing a wall covered with signs that designate the space as safe for gender non-conforming and LGBTQ students. With a group of other adults, I sit in the corner of the room to quietly observe the poetry reading that will soon begin.

Don’t worry, spiders,
I keep house

—Kobayashi Issa

HKonJ: Marching for Justice in Raleigh

There are many issues that are important and relevant in today’s political landscape, including climate change, the foremost threat to my generation and future generations to come. On February 13th, at the Historic Thousands on Jones Street March (HKonJ) in downtown Raleigh, many of these issues were represented in an intersectional and collaborative environment.


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