Students Are Fired Up! and Ready To Go!

So by now you've heard how much fun our assemblies are but did you know that the REAL fun starts once the lights go up and the presentation ends?!

The LA team stayed after our presentation at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Canada and here's what the girls had to say:

Blog Action Day :: Declare Independence!

Today, around the world, 10,000 blogs are talking about climate change, you know, global warming. Call it whatever you'd like - we know that climate change is an urgent issue, and that we - young people - have the most at stake.

Melting Giants

A first in a series of guest posts by Megan McBride, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action

Alaska is like "ground zero" for climate change. We have communities literally falling into the ocean. Native cultures who rely on subsistence hunting are threatened as animals change their migration patterns.

Nationally, the average rise in temperature from 1949 - 2007 is 1.3 degrees F.  In Alaska, the average rise is 3.4 degrees F, with some regions increasing as much as 5.2 degrees F!

Where will you be on October 24?

From our friends at Greenpeace and 350 - the 350 October 24 Day of Action is around the corner!  Got any sweet plans?  Give us a shout in the comments section below!

Now or later...

Check out this poem written by Osa Igiede, a junior at Prospect Hill Academy in Cambridge, MA:

"Well I wrote this poem after hearing about An Inconvient Truth and seeing the movie so many times it inspired me to write something about it that kids can relate to on their own level. Because it's either we strive and do all the hard work now or suffer later when we no longer have snow on the ground."

Power Shift needs all of us

This month, in 11 key states across the US, thousands of young people will get together to demand bold action on climate and energy! Why??

We are urging President Obama and the Congress to pass a strong and comprehensive climate and energy plan by December that creates millions of new jobs, ends our dependence on dirty energy, brings America lasting security and reduces global warming.

Team Chicago Steps Up!

As autumn settles in and it gets cooler here in the Windy City, the winds are changing and the beautiful colors of the fall harvest are everywhere.

And ACE educators are everywhere too - we've been to Lake County Indiana and Lake County Illinois; we've been to Du Page and McHenry Counties, and had some time inside the City of Chicago as well. We've met thousands of amazing high school students and it's just the beginning! You're all so inspiring!


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