HEY L.A. Climate Heroes!

HEY L.A. Climate Heroes -- what are you doing this weekend!?!

CO2, corals and 350 - mini science update

Getting back to our look at the number 350 last week...

At a conference this past summer,  David Attenborough warned that for coral reefs, 350 is the magic number.  Being already above that, he and other scientists say that we're likely to lose many corals in the next few decades.

Coral suffer from the uptake of CO2 by the oceans, which makes them more acidic and makes it harder for the corals to grow their skeletons.

Crush Global Warming :: Sing Out!

This blog post will give you the tools you need to Crush Global Warming 24/7!  How, you ask?

Well, first - you'll need to star in a music video! (no, really, you can!)

Second - now that the song is pleasantly stuck in your head, know how to sign it by reading the lyrics below:

Crush Global Warming Lyrics

Where's Team Houston?

The Alliance for Climate Education actively participated in 350 - Day of Action events all over the United States.  After telling our Houston students about the many events, a group of them went to the 350.org website and located the ACE Houston 350 picture. They were really excited that they were able to identify two of the Houston Educators. So here's the challenge.  Can you identify all three Houston Educators?

New way to charge up your cell

I heard an awesome interview on NPR yesterday... check it out!

Pretty soon, we won't have to plug our phones, computers, iPods, or other portable electronics into the wall every few hours.  Researchers in Ohio are coming up with a hot new way to power small electronics: our bodies!!

Economists Want Climate Deal

The world's scientists have been clear for awhile that climate change is real, dangerous and must be stopped now.  And now, economists -- who aren't exactly known for their earth loving behavior -- are joining them in calling for strong, international action.

Crush Global Warming!

Maybe you've heard rumors that something big and awesome was coming from ACE.  Now, it's finally here - the premiere of the world's first personalized music video, Crush Global Warming.

We want to invite you to check it out HERE.

Athenian High School Takes Charge

Athenian High School in Danville, CA, was just one of several ACE Action Grant-winning schools last spring!

With solar panels already in place, we wondered how Athenian planned to take it to the next level.  As we read over their application it became clear: these students are determined to transform their school!


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