Live from Beantown...

Just in case you haven't seen it yet -- check out ACE Boston in action on 350!

Sleeping Out, Calling for Bold Climate Leadership

This weekend marked the kick-off of one of the boldest, and most creative, student-led climate actions I've seen yet. Students from 24 colleges around Massachusetts, with the support of religious groups and community members,  are putting The Leadership Campaign into action.

Shifting Power in the Carolinas

Hey hey! Just last weekend I was down in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at Carolinas Power Shift, one of the 11 youth climate change summits taking place around the country this month. I can now proudly tell you that there are some AMAZING youth climate leaders in North and South Carolina!!

Check out this video to get a feel for where they all came from and what they care about:

Carolinas Power Shift!

Weekly science report - beginning: NOW!

Hi, world!  From here on out, I'll be posting a weekly science report/digest.

Here's the goal: stay up-to-date on current science topics in the news, as well as a chance to do some good ol' fashioned science learning.  However, I am terrible when it comes to catchy titles, so I'm taking all suggestions as to a good name for this weekly contribution to the blog.

Yay for science!

Students Are Fired Up! and Ready To Go!

So by now you've heard how much fun our assemblies are but did you know that the REAL fun starts once the lights go up and the presentation ends?!

The LA team stayed after our presentation at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Canada and here's what the girls had to say:

Blog Action Day :: Declare Independence!

Today, around the world, 10,000 blogs are talking about climate change, you know, global warming. Call it whatever you'd like - we know that climate change is an urgent issue, and that we - young people - have the most at stake.


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