COP15 Officially Opens

The Bella Center in Copenhagen this morning was buzzing with activity.  By 2pm, the line to get in and register was over 2 hours long.  People from around the world have convened for COP15 and are ready for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

COP15 Day 1 Inspiration

After a long but smooth flight across the Atlantic, Emily and I arrived in Copenhagen with a couple hours of daylight to spare. Already we have shared meals and conversation with young climate activists from Mexico, India, Spain, Cameroon, Sweden, Ethiopia, Australia and Burundi!

On the road to Copenhagen

It's an exciting time here! Several awesome members of our staff are getting ready to fly off to Copenhagen and join thousands of others at the UN climate talks in Denmark.

On the eve of their travels, I was drawn to a story of another young climate hero determined to get his bad self to Copenhagen. Check him out!

Forget about Hollywood...

LA’s Youth Climate Heroes are the real Stars!

By John Bernhardt

On November 21st, 23 high school students from the LA area gathered at the Environmental Charter High School to spend their Saturday afternoon learning how to really Raise their Voices.

Heading to Copenhagen

Hello all! The brilliant and talented Emily Adler and I will be leading the charge for ACE's Copenhagen adventures. We hop on a 15 hour flight this Friday and will be staying until December 13th.

Youth Media *VS* un-natural gas

Here at ACE we're all about youth who use the tools available to them to raise their voices and speak out about problems with fossil fuels and climate change.  We're also teamed up with Free Range to make the cool graphics for our presentations… And in the New England region we're about to launch a *video contest* to encourage ACE youth to make their own videos about climate change.


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